Top 5 software startup blogs to follow

There are thousands of blogs about startups. If you're in the process of validating your idea and getting products launched - it's not easy to read everything. Yet you still need that influx of tips to keep your mind stimulated, help you get that extra motivation. Most of these are software developers who you can hopefully relate with somewhat.

Here are the best 5 no-nonsense blogs:

    Justin Jackson helps you realize if your product is really worth building, how to market your product in a clearly written and enjoyable way.

    Andrew Chen has written some outstand articles. A lot of his posts are directed to tech entrepreneurs in general rather that the only software developers.

    Paul Graham is well know in the tech world. He co-founded Y-Combinator, loves startups and talks very directly about them.

    These are from the makers of Basecamp, who you should really follow. Starting from 37signals, who simply published a book as their first product went on to bigger things. A great case study for ambitious software developers.

    This is best read towards a later stage of your product, when you start getting some customers in. It focuses on keeping customers happy from the moment they sign on.

If you haven't had a look at Software by Rob maker of Drip or Unicornfree - a rails developer, I'd suggest you read them when you have time. They aren't updated often but nonetheless are very valuable blogs.

Oh and of course keep a look out on Hacker News for interesting news and articles.